Meet Circus

The most secure and intelligent cloud orchestration platform

Today Big Data problems require infrastructures that spread storage and compute power over many machines. Hosting and managing your business apps with Circus frees your IT department to do more in large distributed environments.


Circus simplifies and speeds business application scheduling on clusters of physical or virtual machine. It allows you to focus on optimizing your applications without worrying about the infrastructure.

The data center as a computer

Circus is a platform for deploying and running your applications across clusters of hosts. It provides a single, consistent and unified policy layer that provides fine-grained control of resources and service access, software version and locality.

Manage your datacenter as if it's a single computer and improve your resource utilization in your cluster by up to five times.


Build, run and scale

Circus enables everything you need to build, run, and scale applications. It allows you to spend less time worrying about environments, libraries and other dependencies.

Empower rapid development in your language of choice, simplified operations, and provided infinite scalability.


multi-cloud support

The ability to deploy your applications on different cloud providers is valuable and has the clear advantage of reducing dependencies.

Circus helps you to keep your applications on-premises and others on public clouds, based on a variety of considerations, such as security, performance or cost optimization.


20+ add-on services to deploy in a single click

Add-on services are the tools for developing, extending, and operating your app. They are fully-managed services, integrated for use with. Circus allows you to install a multitude of services like Spark, Cassandra and Kafka in a single command.


More great features

  • isolation

    Isolation and resource usage

    Container management system enables isolation and granular policy for memory/cpu/disk quotas.

  • scheduling

    Placement and scheduling

    Control for application placement in your cluster. Circus helps to reduce applications’ data locality issues.

  • workload

    Workload composition

    Enable application configuration and versioning. Use rollbacks to revert to prior releases for backing out of bad deploys or config changes.

  • scaling

    Scaling Applications

    Scale an application with a single command, from one instance to thousands of instances in seconds or minutes.

  • services

    Services orchestration

    Easy access to a multitude of fully-managed services such as Kafka, Spark and Cassandra.

  • experiments

    Faster experimentation

    Build and deploy experimental models faster. Circus makes data scientists more productive.

Release the full potential of your data