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The essentials
  • Platform Circus and add-on services
  • Free documentation and knowledge
  • Runs on our cloud infrastructure
  • Monthly subscription & usage


Best value
  • Supports multi-cloud deployment
  • Runs on-premises or in your vpc
  • Support for solving challenging data problems
  • Advanced monitoring strategies
  • Annual subscription & usage


How can Circus help my business needs?

Circus is a platform built on top of Apache Mesos. It simplifies and speeds business application scheduling on clusters of physical or virtual machine. With Circus, you are able to manage the compute resources your application needs very efficiently.

Can you solve very specific data problems?

The platform Circus has been carefully designed to make engineers and data scientits more productive. Therefore, we're in measure to help and solve your data problems. Please contact us and specify your needs.

What happens if the platform Circus has a problem that causes failures?

Problems in our system will never incur any charges. However, if the failures are due to a bug or mistake in your code, you will normally be charged.

What type of hardware will the infrastructure run on?

If you're using our cloud-hosted platform, you can choose hardware ranging from 1 cores with 3.75 GB memory up to 32 cores with 208 GB memory. If you're installing our platform on-premise, you can use your own hardware.

More specific questions to ask?

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