Are analytics and big data core to your business?

  • Technology & internet services

    Big Data allows merchants to gain deeper insights into customer behavior and industry trends, but it also lets them make more accurate decisions to improve just about every aspect of the business, from marketing and advertising, to merchandising, operations, and even customer retention.

  • Cyber security

    As the internet is growing, cyber-threats are also dramatically increasing in numbers. Businesses face security challenges on a daily basis. Today's hackers are smarter than ever before and companies need more efficient ways to stronghold their data.

  • Health care

    Data mining and machine learning techniques have emerged as promising tools for solving problems across many healthcare-related disciplines. It's now feasible to save thousands of lives through the use of Big Data. The Healthcare industry is at a turning point. Huge amounts of analytical talent are currently flowing into the healthcare.

  • Media & retail

    Social media has emerged as a platform where people reveal a lot about their personal tastes, preferences, likes and dislikes. The pages they like, or the posts they share, lead to a better understanding of a customers persona.

  • Law enforcement

    By gathering and understanding structured and unstructured data, crime analysts can help police leaders better understand underlying economic and demographic factors for a given area that might help explain why trends occur. Appropriate responses can then be crafted.

  • Automotive / Manufacturing

    Connected data isn’t just beneficial for marketers. Through a very high-level customer feedback, manufacturers can better understand how the car is being used and research and develop their products accordingly. The benefits of connected data and analytics are felt right across the business from sales through to manufacturing.

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